Ranked as the safest state in México and the second safest in America, right after Quebec, Yucatán is deeply influenced by its vibrant Mayan culture. This influence is evident in the preservation of the towns, people, food, traditions, and language of the Mayan, making Yucatán a dream destination for travelers.


Yucatán will be now one flight away from Atlanta and Orlando which will shortly join the list of US direct flights to Mérida, its capital city. A list with the likes of Dallas, Houston and Miami (which will be adding a new route). Even if you want to combine your trip with Cancun, the magical town of Valladolid would be an ideal starting point for your unforgettable trip to Yucatán.

With this new international routes and the range of accommodation options, from Mayan homes to luxury stays, more and more tourist will be able to break away from the routine and have the experience of a lifetime. 


One of Yucatán’s main attractions is its year-round accessibility for every traveler, promising new seasonal festivities. The state is a truly diverse destination eager to share its beauty, featuring ancient Mayan archaeological sites, pink colored lakes, green jungles, charming cities, and colorful towns, as well as pristine emerald beaches and cenotes (natural underground swimming pools), terracotta houses of art, and diverse cuisine, along with the warm smiles of the locals, guarantees a colorful journey filled with lifelong memories. The historically rich traditional haciendas and one of the Wonders of the Modern World, Kukulkán Castle at Chichén Itzá, offer just a glimpse of Yucatán’s allure. 

For every type of traveler, Yucatán is the ideal destination. Indulge in traditional dishes for food, swim in a private cenote with crystal-clear water, experience a vintage expedition in Uxmal, or go horseback riding while touring a hacienda. For those adventurers, take an ATV´s tour and explore a cavern, for luxury travelers, take private Yucatecan cooking lessons led by renowned Yucatecan chefs in a community, explore the coast aboard a luxurious yacht or just relax on a beach club. Disconnect, break away from the routine, and enjoy a relaxing massage overlooking a cenote. Whether celebrating your wedding or having a romantic getaway, there are numerous unique, special, and romantic scenarios to kick off your unforgettable honeymoon experience. Yucatán is a destination that should definitely be on your bucket list!